Post and Rail Fences

Whether you want to add privacy or keep your garden safe, a post and rail fence can help you achieve your goals. This type of fence can come in a variety of styles, such as wood or vinyl, and can even include a double swing gate.


Having a wood post and rail fence is an attractive and practical way to define your property boundaries. They are durable and are often used for livestock enclosures. They are also cost-effective. They can be made from wood or metal posts. They are available in different styles. They are ideal for farms and ranches, and they can be used in residential and commercial developments.

Post and rail fences can be used to secure livestock, horses, or pets. They can also be used to create subtle divisions in your property. There are different types of rails available, including round rail, slip board, and flat board. Each has its own unique characteristics.

Round rails are popular for their smooth round look. They can be attached to chain link fences to provide barrier protection. They also come in a variety of heights.


Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, a Vinyl Post and Rail Fence will make an excellent accent to your property. It provides a clean and uniform look, and helps to create a defined boundary. Unlike wooden fences, which are susceptible to cribbing and chipping, a Vinyl Post and Rail Fence will never splinter or crack. It is also safe for animals, and requires less maintenance.

A Vinyl Post and Rail Fence is a perfect choice for residential, commercial, or farm applications. It is ideal for a variety of uses, including livestock corrals, and is easy to install. It is also resistant to splinters, which makes it a good choice for children and dogs.

There are many styles of vinyl fencing, including 2-Rail, 3-Rail, and 4-Rail post and rail fences. Each style comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and SureStart(tm) parts and labor protection. You can also choose a fence that is treated with ColorLast(tm) to provide a dark color fade protection.

Double swing gate

Whether you’re looking for a single swing gate or a double swing gate for a post and rail fence, there are a variety of options to choose from. These gates are a great way to add security and privacy to your property. The gate also has a classic look that will add to the overall appeal of your property.

The gate can be custom-made to fit any size driveway. You can also choose between full mesh or half mesh. In addition to these options, you can choose between aluminium or steel gates. These gates are coated with the same thermohardening powders used in steel. This ensures that your gate will withstand exposure without fading or crazing.

If you’re considering a double swing gate, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a gate that has a hinged design. This design allows the gate to swing 180 degrees from the closed to the open position. This can help protect your property from damage and is also a safe option for families and pets.

Cost per metre

Choosing the right materials and installation techniques can help you get the most for your money. The cost per metre for post and rail fences is determined by the material used, the type of fence, and the labor needed to complete the project.

Wood fence posts are available in a variety of materials. The cost per metre for wooden posts is based on the type of wood and the cost of installation.

If you decide to install a fence yourself, you can get a rough idea of the cost per metre by estimating the cost of installing wire mesh, the cost of fencing rails, and the cost of the intermediate posts. However, the costs are dependent on the type of fence, the materials, the labor, and the region.

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